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On Premise


"Birds of a feather flock together."


No enterprise can afford a failure of important IT components for a longer period. We check server architectures and provide for the fact that data did not lose and web pages and emails remain available. On this occasion, we fall back on a huge number of manufacturers and compile for our customers an individual and budget-oriented package.


"Move along, please!"


We make with our storage solutions uncomplicated and user-friendly conditions - individually on the needs of the customer co-ordinated. Besides, we know around the importance of the data security. In big ones as well as in small and medium-sized companies. Systems simply to be implemented allow the use of complicated processes like the mirror on a real-time basis and provide, in addition, for a high degree of failure security.


"Custom-fit provision concepts"


The supply and linking of all available terminals optimise the job and are the key to more efficiencyand productiveness in the IT. Linked up systems, perfectly on each other co-ordinated, make the communication easier in the team and deliver synergies. This saves time and nerves.


"Solution? No problem!"


With software solutions of SYSTAVO neither costs nor calculators overheat. Efficient work protects the front ranks in the matter of competition in the market. Market-leading software enterprises stand already with her name for quality and comprehensive solutions.


"Create structures"


We provide for the fact that your connections never break off and link up your management centrally. With the suitable tools our experts create a network infrastructure and connect enterpriseoptimised solutions with reliable analysis and evaluation tools.





"No admittance!"


Menaces by pity software, data spying and data theft need a lasting security solution. We offerdependable concepts. Since we protect your information and data rather as that we must save them.Therefore our motto is: Deliver technology, protect information.


"Where is my doctoral thesis gone?"


Do you know what must be stored exactly in your enterprise permanently? The demands for backup and recovery draughts as well as in archiving solutions will strongly rise in future. The safekeeping of data in sure surroundings is our job and requirement.


"go easy on resources"

As a supplier it holds us near and dear to simplify the complexity of your systems. Together we compile by means of a detailed analysis the suitable virtual IT infrastructure. By providing hardware resources for one or several systems partitioning of each other on a real machine it ispossible to generate a virtual one for every use. Aim is the minimisation of the IT expenses and the guarantee of the failure security. At the same time we offer with our virtualization draughts an increase of the efficiency and agility.




Our telephony and mail solutions distinguish themselves by flexibility, adaptability and mobility. They grow with the demands of your office or enterprise with and are by standardised and modular enlargements openly for future demands. The communication occurs everywhere and in every device. The job of the future therefore becomes more individual, more digital and more mobile.


"Trust, but verify!""


You don't have to clutch for paper and pencil to provide a protocol any more. The supervision of the processes can also be taken by the system on a real-time basis for you. Monitoring is the magic word! By untimely recognition of sources of error the monitoring can intervene steering andminimises therefore possible failures. Besides, the alarm via mail, SMS, ext. or phone allows an adaptable use independent of place.


"Where are the data stored?"


With our SYSTAVO cloud you know any time where to consider your data. Made in Germany is the name of the game! The German judicial system as well as our dependable servers allow the controlled allocation of the data traffic. Analogously in addition we offer a backup service of the cloud products for a complete security. Adapted dynamically to your need the data is provided on a network. You decide to whom access rights are granted.

High availability

"System adrenalin"


In particular to small business this procedure opens a new perspective: Continuous system highavailability based on a highly competitive technology. While down-times and failure costs areavoided, the continual server company makes quite automatically an important contribution to thestabilisation of the enterprise expiries.


"From the idea to its implementation!"


A persuasive web site must be able to offer a lot at the same time: Attractive design as well as auser-friendly operability do obviously play a big role. Our objective is to present your websiteperfectly - a high user friendliness is natural on this occasion. Paired with the individual integrationof the contents our customers get no „off the peg“ solutions.Therewith your website develops near in your personal CI design we can set up with pleasureadequate contacts in the area of web design.


"IT – but how?"


Profit from our comprehensive know-how in the IT infrastructure sphere. We dispose of technicalwide knowledge and deep knowledge infers with the experience from a huge number of realised ITprojects of the most different scale. Thus we can stand to you with any questions all around your ITscenery as well as by the planning and organisation aside.